Carve Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Sarathy, the charioteer, is a critical navigator, a strategist, and the essential pair of eyes for the warrior and the horses in the war field. A Sarathy does not directly take part in war, but is a crucial part of the warrior’s journey through the thick and thin of the war zone. Representing supreme skill, speed, dexterity, and reasoning ability, the Sarathy contributes to controlling the pace and direction of the war by maneuvering the chariot though the war zone and guiding the warrior toward success. The Sarathy supports the warrior by reigning in the chaos of the war zone and harnessing the horses to ensure that they do not go in different directions. A  supreme confidante of every warrior, the charioteer also protects the warrior from surprise attacks by watching the war field and steering the chariot away from dangerous hurdles.If you are looking for a business coach India or startup mentor India, Sarathy can guide you to progress and growth.

The business landscape is a war zone too, and as first-time warriors, you require a strong Sarathy – a charioteer – who stays through the thick and thin of the initial stages of your entrepreneurial journey.

I am the Sarathy, the mentor, of the entrepreneurial world – who guides first-time entrepreneurs (the warriors) and organizations (chariots) in overcoming their initial challenges and obstacles based on the experience and knowledge I have gained over the years.

I give answers, frank opinions, pointers, and directions to first-time entrepreneurs who seek my support in foreseeing possibilities, overcoming risks, and leveraging opportunities in their entrepreneurial initiatives.

What can I help you achieve?

Through Sarathy you can

• Gain the benefit of my experience as a seasoned entrepreneur and entrepreneurial coach
• Get the right answers to all your questions – big and small – regarding your business initiatives
• Attain the ability to seamlessly navigate your transformation from expectations to achievements
• Be prepared to face all the challenges of setting up the business – from handling regulatory requirements to planning the strategy for investments
• Face the inconsistent weather of your startup initiative with confidence

How can Sarathy help you achieve these goals?

Sarathy works by
Supporting young entrepreneurs who are thinking about transitioning from being an employee to becoming self-employed and are seeking mentorship
• Connecting with aspiring individuals and first-time entrepreneurs who are seeking mentors to set up their business – right from strategic planning to setting up the foundation of your business
• Mentoring entrepreneurs at the initial stage of their start up, a critical stage when entrepreneurs commonly make mistakes that can have long-term implications
• Leveraging my 25 years of experience in the entrepreneurial scenario to support the next generation of entrepreneurial initiatives
• Building a trusted and secure platform for entrepreneurs to discuss their business

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Start your journey with Sarthi by downloading the form, sharing with me a few details of your entrepreneurial initiative, and sending it to
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