What is SARATHY?

Carve Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Sarathy, the charioteer, maneuvers the warrior and the chariot though the war zone, playing the role of a critical navigator, a strategist, and the essential pair of eyes for the warrior and the horses. The Sarathy supports the warrior by reigning in the chaos of the war zone and harnessing the horses to ensure that they do not go in different directions. I am the Sarathy, the mentor, of the entrepreneurial world - who guides first-time entrepreneurs in overcoming their initial challenges based on the experience and knowledge I have gained across verticals over the years. I give answers, frank opinions, pointers, and directions to first-time entrepreneurs who seek my support in foreseeing possibilities, overcoming risks, and leveraging opportunities in their entrepreneurial initiatives. sarathy can play an integral role as a business mentor, Business Coach India and business coach for first-time entrepreneurs in India and especially mentor for startups at their initial stage. Sarathy can guide startup entrepreneurs for a short term or for a long term, working on achieving specific objectives. Sarathy, as a business coach for entrepreneurs from India, is ideal for a startup initiative, especially for first-time entrepreneurs. Sarathy functions based on a focused approach of mentoring and coaching so the entrepreneurs can become confident about taking their own decisions. The purpose of sarathy is to establish working relationships with entrepreneurs who are open to change and open to working with an unwaivered focus on growth. Business Coach India, Sarathy's work approach is determined on a case-by-case basis. The association could be an informal interaction with set objectives, or a structured, well-tailored and formal approach. If you are first-time startup entrepreneur or aspiring to become an entrepreneur, it will be difficult for you to know what actions you need to take to establish a robust business and achieve your goals. Hence, you would need help in determining what kind of support you would want from your sarathy. To establish clarity at this stage, the first step of interaction with your sarathy would involve an assessment of the need through initial questionnaires, discussion sessions, regular meetings, recommendations, and feedback sessions on strategy, implementations and milestones. Sarathy's ideal client is a young startup entrepreneur who has just started or an aspiring entrepreneur who is just about to start his or her venture and is seriously looking for a guided business transition.
Fuel your entrepreneurial journey with guidance from the Sarathy

The need for Sarathy for entrepreneurs

Experience winning in your business
As entrepreneurs embarking on your first business initiative or aspiring entrepreneurs, your mind is full of questions and insecurities. With no clear answers and confusing guidance, you feel overwhelmed and apprehensive about the step you have decided to take. This is when the support of a mentor - a Sarathy - makes all the difference.

Get the right answers for all your questions
Transition seamlessly into entrepreneurship
Gain confidence to manage critical responsibilities
Overcome all initial-stage entrepreneurial pressures