How to Conquer Digital Marketing Challenges in Today’s Customer-Centric Landscape

How to Conquer Digital Marketing Challenges in Today’s Customer-Centric Landscape

How to Conquer Digital Marketing Challenges in Today’s Customer-Centric Landscape

You think you have won the toughest battle – your product or solution is almost ready, your team is in place, and you have taken care of all the startup requirements. But wait, have you really covered all the points? Really? Yes, your solution is ready to set your market on fire. But does your audience even know you? Will your great bang end in a painfully hollow whisper? It very well might, if you are not going to focus on marketing your brainchild. In today’s digital era you have the benefit of digital marketing to reach out to your target audience across the world with just a click of a button. So it makes a lot of sense to master the art of digital marketing, starting with a strong marketing strategy.

Reaching out to the right audience

The first step to reaching out to your right audience is to find out who they are, what their characteristics are, and how you can connect with them. This process is not as easy as it sounds. It requires extensive research of your target audience, creating personas, and identifying unique marketing strategies that will gain their attention. Just because your audience notices you, it does not mean that they approve of you. The entire digital marketing process requires trust building and establishing your capability with your audience. This means you require a little more than just saying HELLO! to your audience. You will need to boost your visibility, establish yourself as a master of your field of expertise, and ensure that your audience trusts you enough to approach you.

All these sound super abstract, right? So let’s break down this approach into some quick digital marketing solutions after you have identified who your target audience is and where they reside in the digital world.

Social media engagement

Socia media is a boon for most organizations who seek to interact with their audience to build a deep connect. From Facebook to Instagram and LinkedIn, almost every person is connected to at least three social media networks. Hence use text, posts, images, videos, interactive texts, and quizzes to engage with your audience.

Fall in love with videos

Use videos – interesting, explanatory, interest-triggers, interactive, and inspirational – are the lifeline of digital marketing. If I were to use a video to describe this exact post, I know I will get many more people to connect with me right now. The innumerable viral videos – from the songs of unreleased videos to hilarious product feature ads of the Dollar Shave Club – highlight the power of video in digital marketing

Write, share, inspire

Creating a content repository that creates a wave of awareness and interest among your target audience is critical. People love to learn; they love tips, how-tos, stories, case examples, and simple educational pointers related to your area of expertise. But use a strong content strategy that mixes multiple content formats to retain your audience’s interest.


Never underestimate the power of SEO, finding the right words that can enhance your visibility and the tricks of the trade that will  bring your name at the top of the search game.


Use your precious finances carefully to plan targeted ads in social media to be seen and to gain focused leads. A great way to get the attention of the right group of people, pay-per-click ads are precious when used wisely/


Nothing works if you are to stay in a shell – be visible and expand your network in targetted social media channels. Establish your credibility by contributing to conversations in your area of expertise and by contributing solution-oriented points to a discussion. This helps build visibility and also establish your identity as a trusted, go-to expert.

Expert  Support

Marketing is an alien topic for entrepreneurs at the startup stage. Hence it will help if you get the support of your business mentor or your business coach to learn the basic lessons of setting up your marketing strategy, identifying your target audience, building their persona, and planning the marketing approach.

A strong digital marketing strategy and implementation are the lifelines of your entrepreneurial journey. Hence, do not ignore this aspect of your business at the startup stage.

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