Entrepreneurial Dictionary : Angel Investor

Entrepreneurial Dictionary : Angel Investor

Entrepreneurial Dictionary : Angel Investor

Who is an Angel Investor?

Angel investors are indeed God-send angels for entrepreneurs who are desperately looking for financial options to get started on their entrepreneurial journey and are too small or are too early to gain the attention of venture capitalists. They are individuals who willingly invest their money at the initial stages of an entrepreneurial journey in exchange for a stake in your organization.

How do they operate?

Angel investors usually operate individually and often do not play a direct role in the operations of your organization. They need not always be your family or friends, but can also be a former entrepreneur who wants to encourage a potential startup. Hence, they are called “angel” investors as opposed to investors who closely watch the cash register and performance.

Their involvement could be a one-time investment or a regular investment that will support entrepreneurs in getting through the rough initial stages of their startup journey with ease.

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