For Investors


At SARATHY we ensure that none of the investments you make are misused. We make no compromise on our business values as we assess start-ups for the effectiveness of their entrepreneurial initiatives. Every investment you make will have exponential potential for growth and scalability, since the entire investment exercise is backed by a thorough organizational diagnostics based on the principle of TEST (TEAM / EXECUTION / SCALABILITY / TECHNOLOGY).

At SARATHY, we strive to support you in achieving your interests by working in concert with you, ensuring complete transparency and taking the time to clearly understand your background, philosophy, goals, and objectives.

You have SARATHY’s unwavering support in enabling complete visualization of the core competencies you bring to this symbiotic association and in vocalizing the merits of a mutually beneficial relationship with the startup entrepreneurs.

SARATHY helps you in agile decision-making by recommending start-ups who are in sync with your investment background, philosophy, goals, and objectives

Enabling a Symbiotic Investor–Startup Relationship

Sarathy’s Comprehensive Investment Process

  • Step 1

    Mapping you to the best investment opportunity

    Our extensive experience in the entrepreneurial ecosystem both as an active entrepreneur and as a business mentor delivers to us extensive knowledge of and complete access to potentially beneficial and scalable investment opportunities. Our in-depth assessment and thorough organizational diagnostics ensure that your investments will reach only well-deserving and capable startups, while our airtight legal protocols provide you the much-needed…

  • Step 2

    Comprehensive and balanced filtering of potentials

    Every startup that we associate with undergoes stringent assessment protocols based on multiple sets of comprehensive appraisal criteria. This critical first step instantly filters out every startup candidate with a high-risk profile. These comprehensive filters have been prepared based on the extensive experience gained by Sarathy through our years of association with the entrepreneurial landscape. These filters include a detailed…

  • Step 3

    Reconfirming risk profile

    In addition to completing a detailed risk analysis to filter out the uncertain startup candidates, the list of startup entrepreneurs with an impressive potential to scale up and succeed are further assessed based on legal parameters and other company-related information. Our team of experts at Sarathy evaluates every aspect of the startup from plan and operational efficiency to setup efficiency and milestone-based…

  • Step 4

    Formal analysis and finalization

    The final set of zeroed in startup candidates is further evaluated through a formal channel of metric assessment and mapping to finalize their capability in terms of their business plan, financial potential, entrepreneurial capability, and resource strength. This three-level report covering risk analysis, potential assessment, and metrics will ensure that investors receive the complete package of high-quality and trustworthy data…

  • Step 5

    Face-to-face and other formal paperwork

    Every symbiotic relationship between a startup entrepreneur and an investor depends on trust and transparency. The first step to building such a strong and working relationship requires the legal backbone of the right agreements and related documentation. We start this last leg by introducing the final set of potential startup entrepreneurs to the investors and also help the startup teams…