Startup Story for Dec 2018 – HUBILO

Startup Story for Dec 2018 – HUBILO

Startup Story for Dec 2018 – HUBILO

HUBILO – The InspiringEntrepreneurial Journey of Mayank Agarwal and Vaibhav Jain in Technology-Driven Event Management 

A brilliant combination of a person with a passion for business and another who’s a technology genius definitely builds humungous scope for a successful entrepreneurial journey. Yes, HUBILO, the brainchild of Vaibhav Jain and Mayank Agarwal, is just the perfectly inspirational success story we all love to listen to.

What is HUBILO?

HUBILO comes as a timely savior for corporates and every organization that faces challenges while organizing events. This smart platform thinks about every challenge you will be facing in making your event a success, from planning to implementation. It warns you about these hurdles and provides the perfect solution to overcome these challenges. HUBILO’s client list is a strong proof of its capability, extending from Niti Ayog to Mercedes and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This platform covers strategic planning, marketing, implementation, and post-event analytics, among a ton of other features that it delivers. Today, HUBILO has a turnover of about 8 crore Rupees. But reaching these heights was certainly not an easy task, considering that they were paid less than 20,000 Rupees for their first project!

How did it all start?

Vaibhav and Mayank knew each other from an engineering college in Ahmedabad. Vaibhav was already bitten by the business bug and had a flair for identifying brilliant business opportunities. Mayank was a technology whiz kid and both of them were clear about wanting to make a change. This blend was the perfect recipe to start on a successful business journey. Vaibhav realized the potential for simplifying event management through technology when he met an acquaintance who had just started an entrepreneurial initiative and was struggling with planning an event. He decided to make this idea his entrepreneurial venture and he started by focusing on creating a platform for college events.

Initial challenges

This first trial run was full of challenges. Being the only founder, he had to outsource technology to another organization. This not only meant extensive expenses but he also did not get the results that he was looking for. That’s when he connected with Mayank, who joined his entrepreneurial initiative. This brilliant combination made all the difference

The growth phase

They created HUBILO and under the guidance of iCreate, an incubation center, HUBILO grew well, receiving a seed fund and then a scale-up grant from the government of Gujarat. They too invested in building an in-house team that created the heart of the technology behind HUBILO. The platform was then marketed as a single-stop event management solution that simplified every aspect of managing events. Interestingly, their first work was an event for iCreate in 2015, which was quite a success. Their first income was less than 20000 Rupees. But the confidence this experience gave them was worth much more and HUBILO grew exponentially in strength, capability, clientele, and visibility since then.

Hublio today

Today HUBILO is the first choice as an event management platform across India, not just for government organizations but also corporates and individuals. They have thought out their revenue models well, delivering flexibility to their clients in terms of providing extensive customization of features. With grand goals of claiming the international market and expanding with more investments, HUBILO is certainly a shining example of grabbing a business opportunity the moment you see a gap in the market. This success story is also a lesson in gaining from an ideal partnership with symbiotic strengths. But as an entrepreneurial mentor the most important lesson I learned from this story is the capability of understanding what your customers want and plugging internal leaks immediately with a strong solution.

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