Poetic Series – 3

Poetic Series – 3

Poetic Series – 3

Time is an essential ingredient in entrepreneurship, quite a few startup entrepreneurs seldom follow or adhere to time frame in their Startup journey. They fail to set a time limit to execute each phase of their business plan. Needless to say, paying no heed to time not only delays their venture but there are other far reaching implications too.

This poetic blog advocates the need to setup time-frames for each phase of your startup venture and emphasizes the need to maintain these time-frames. It also indicates how a business mentor can be of assistance.

Entrepreneurship I yearned to master
Believed it was something I could conquer
Armed with an Ivy League degree
Bolstered experience from the industry
The iron hot, the hammer ready
Took the plunge, got my hands dirty

Robust a business design did I carve
Thought I would never for time starve
Set realistic business goals
Prepped to knock milestones out cold
Many a stage business involved
Multiple phases to evolve

Design, planning, easy as breeze
Finances I sought to freeze
An oft’ heard adage ‘Time is ‘Money’
Twas’ a message lost on me
Time between stages did not I plot
Stretched each stage, widened the slot

Suspended in a time lag
Competitors walked by with swag
Business idea no longer unique
Goodbye said my investors’ elite
Realization dawned late
Coaching from a mentor would’ve been great

Business mentor later I engaged
Every milestone with time gauged
Recommended steps to meet timelines
Each phase could I streamline
Today, proudly I state
My business mentor helped an entrepreneur make.

 The Poem by Sachit Pillai for Sarathy….

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