Poetic Series-5-Idea&Validation

Poetic Series-5-Idea&Validation

Poetic Series-5-Idea&Validation

Having a business idea is definitely a must when starting a business, but an aspect that you should not ignore is validating your business idea. Only through validation can you ensure that your business idea is robust and unique enough to yield the returns you are expecting.

An enterprising soul that be me
Yearned to set free the entrepreneur in me
Identified the prerequisites to make my move
Needed a business idea to get into the groove

Relentlessly I toiled
Burned the midnight oil
Engaged the grey cells
Pulled out an idea that was swell

Excited was I
My idea intoxicating me high
All I saw was rewards
Took the next step forward

Everything was a blur
Hardly did I augur
The sting of fate
Would not placate
A blunder so grave
So dumb, so naive

Eager in my quest
Did not I invest
Neither thought nor action
In business idea validation

Hear ye’ aspiring entrepreneurs
Don’t get clean bowled
If you want to be a winner
A mentor’s hand you must hold

The Poem by Sachit Pillai for Sarathy….https://www.linkedin.com/in/sachit-pillai-06a20415/

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