Poetic Series – Poem 4 Importance of ORG Structure

Poetic Series – Poem 4 Importance of ORG Structure

Poetic Series – Poem 4 Importance of ORG Structure

While commencing a business, it is necessary that you chart your organizational structure when you outline your business plans and goals. Chaos is what will follow if there is a failure in charting an organizational structure. Because, there will be no clarity in the roles that each of the stakeholders are expected to execute and it would lead to stakeholders stepping on each other’s toes.
This series in our poetic blog stresses upon the need to have an organizational structure in order to avoid the pitfalls associated with a lack of it thereof.

An eclectic group that was us
Each one master, each one just
Curious were we
Scoping new possibilities
Business world unexplored
Thought of testing the waters, tread new shores

Brimming with raw energy
Enthusiastic a synergy
Delved in headlong
Making a fortune we longed
Formulated a product so novel
Immense it’s potential unraveled

Planned our approach
Projected our growth
Milestones we mapped
Phases we capped
Nothing we left to chance
Business aspects calculated in advance

An only flaw, we never foresaw
Lack of an organizational structure
Led to disorder at every juncture
Devoid of an operational hierarchy
Encountered an unparalleled anarchy
Strayed far from our individual goals, total chaos

Organizational structure had we traced
Would need not have our steps retraced
Back to the drawing board
Outlined specific roles, set individual goals
In retrospect, had we engaged a business coach
Never would have we faltered in our approach

The Poem by Sachit Pillai for Sarathy…. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sachit-pillai-06a20415/

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