Ramesh Babu – with a pair of scissors to a fleet of Rolls Royce cars

Ramesh Babu – with a pair of scissors to a fleet of Rolls Royce cars

Ramesh Babu – with a pair of scissors to a fleet of Rolls Royce cars

Entrepreneur Success Story: The Astonishing Entrepreneurial Journey of Ramesh Babu

Ramesh Babu is probably one of the most admired Indian entrepreneurial stories of all times. His brilliant business vision and the never-say-die attitude have catalyzed his growth from his barber shop to an incredibly enviable fleet of luxury cars. His business journey started in 1994 when he decided to take over managing the barber shop that his father had set up. He soon branched into the travel rentals sector when he bought a Maruthi van with the money he was able to save from his business. This smart move brought him brilliant returns as Mr. Babu grabbed on from one opportunity to another to reach heights of glory in luxury car rental service. This journey from a Maruthi van to his prized Rolls Royce is indeed quite an inspirational story.

So let’s find out more about Ramesh Babu.

Childhood filled with challenges

Mr. Babu’s childhood was a tough journey. His father passed away when Mr. Babu was just about 7 years of age. His father had owned a barber shop but his mother could not manage the shop on her own so she rented it out at a paltry sum and managed the family by working as a cook. Life was tough to manage food, education, and other basic necessities. But Mr. Babu managed to complete his diploma and later started managing his father’s salon.

Building the dream

The salon soon grew in prominence, but at the same time he came across a brilliant business opportunity in one of his lifelong passions, cars. His first brush with his dreams was when he bought his first car, a Maruthi van. He used the van smartly by renting it for trips and journeys. This was a time when rental car services were not common. He soon realized the incredible business potential of rental car service, but with increasing interest in this business, the competition was fast increasing. So he wanted to create a differentiator for his business. That’s when the idea of luxury car rentals took shape.

From a brainwave to a successful business plan

The concept of luxury cars seemed almost impossible even until early 2000s, when he was prioritizing his salon business. But he did have a fleet of regular rental cars that supported his salon work. The idea of luxury car rental struck as a brilliant idea to beat the stiff competition and also live his dream of owning some of the best cars in the world. Hence, despite stern warnings against this move, Mr. Babu went ahead and became the proud owner of his first E class Mercedes. There was no looking back since then. His customers loved his USP and soon his collection of 200 cars included about 70 brilliant names, including BMWs, Rolce Royce, and many other luxury names.

Ramesh Babu’s enviable success

Mr. Babu’s luxury cars some of the most incredibly popular rental services today, from film stars to politicians and bureaucrats travelling in these jaw-dropping elegant cars. There are many lessons to learn from this success story. It is all about finding the perfect opportunity and taking a risk, and more so about thinking far and smart. His story is equally about staying true to one’s roots. Mr. Babu still goes to his salon, attending to his regular stream of clients.

Mr. Babu is a shining example of making your passion and dreams a profitable reality through some smart business moves.

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