SARATHY Reflections

SARATHY believes in application of business leadership practices that can inspire entrepreneurs. It is true that only inspired people can be truly effective. To empower people to achieve their best and make sure they work with inspiration, there are definite mentoring or coaching interventions. This can be formal with structured approach or informal, but with definite objectives. SARATHY, as a business mentor for startups in India, can establish working relationships with start up entrepreneurs, who are open to change and willing to commit themselves to business growth.

What do you want to accomplish will be question? Whether do you want to achieve? whether it is to attain more customers, to establish working relationships with your founding members or working partners, increase in revenue, to attain more profit, better productivity or team management, you need to infer this to your business mentor. Expectation and communications must be transparent and it always an established fact that, relationship between a business coach or a mentor and the entrepreneur is sensitive, one to one and its is private. To maintain this relationship and trust, a mutually acceptable rules of engagement, confidentiality has to be followed. The business coach India, will bring fresh thinking for start up entrepreneurs and small business owners, needing effective business leadership, mentoring and expertise to take their business to the next level of growth. Coaching seekers who are serious to take off their business with a focused business goals and objectives , must be ready to even to change their beliefs and behaviors. The coaching will get into entrepreneurs vision, strategy, and goals of ones business an don the other hand , he/ will share the own perspectives, passion and outlook towards their life. It is a refection of your perspective and passion towards the world, life and how you want do change management and drive your efforts to achieve your business objectives. A business management solution that comes with change management.