Startup Poetic blog #8 – Scalability

Startup Poetic blog #8 – Scalability

Startup Poetic blog #8 – Scalability

If after reaching a point you find your business stuck in the same spot, then definitely there was no scalability in your business idea. Scalability of your business does matter and can make the difference between business expansion or stagnation. This poetic blog touches upon the critical aspect of scalability in business. Read on….

For years 5-6 was the routine
Mundane tasks reigned supreme
Yearned to break free from this mold
Become an entrepreneur and strike gold

Hanging up my work boots
The entrepreneur in me took root
Commenced the adventure
Launched my novel venture

Things at first quite hunky-dory
Later it turned very awry
Growth it seems was stunted
Business scalability was punted

Asked a mentor what be the boggle
Devoid of scalability is your business model
Your business reached a peak
But stayed stagnant so to speak

Looking back, I find
With just an idea, I played blind
Had I a mentor engaged
Whole scenario would have changed

The Poem by Sachit Pillai for Sarathy….

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