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Startup Poetic Blog -7

Startup Poetic Blog -7

Importance of Execution Plan

Irrespective of your idea, planning, resources and team, one key factor to be considered when you start your entrepreneurial journey is execution. How you execute your plan will define the success or failure of your venture.

Mighty and proud stood
Neither friend nor ally
Set out on a journey
New goals did I foresee

Ventured into a domain
Yearned for success, yearned fame
Thus entered I a ship
Oft’ called entrepreneurship

Thought entrepreneurship was a breeze
An endeavor I could conquer with ease
Believed I had the recipe
To carve a perfect success story

Every base I covered… I thought
From idea validation
To planning and resource allocation
Chose a team fully aware
But execution was a nightmare

My planning fell apart
My team did they depart
My idea torn asunder
Taking me down under

I wish I had seen
Execution need be clean
Don’t follow my footsteps
Be led by a mentor instead.

The Poem by Sachit Pillai for Sarathy….

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